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Affiliated School of Yoga Alliance International (YAI) – Affiliated To VYASA-Benguluru IAYT Accredited School

Prospectus for Students

The course is conducted under the auspices of NIRVAANA. Teaching will be at NIRVAANA Studios.

Course Director : Dr.Vinay

The structure of the course and its teachings have been formulated by Dr.Vinay and (YAI) and are based on 24 years of his experience of teaching Yoga and training Yoga Teachers in India, U.S and U.K. The following details are intended to give a general idea of the proposed course and it will be modified according to the needs of the students.


NIRVAANA is committed to create a disease free society by preventing and curing various diseases.

Yoga is not a religion it is a way of life and can be done by everyone irrespective of age, caste, creed, and sex. A person who practices yoga puts their body into a positive state therefore adding to their life and their total well being.

The courses will provide a comprehensive training in many aspects of Yoga so that course graduates will be capable of providing professional, responsible and high quality teaching to their students.

It will give students a deep understanding of the essence of Yoga and their practical application.

By the end of the course, all the students will:

Have expanded and developed their own practice of Yoga so that they are fully competent and experienced in all the techniques which they will be required to impart to others.

Have the knowledge and ability to teach the practices safely according to the personal needs of their students. Understand the main principles of teaching Yoga, including the planning, presentation and evaluation of a Yoga class; and demonstrate their ability to apply these in the class situation in a calm and well co-ordinated way.

Have acquired sufficient knowledge in anatomy and physiology, and know how to relate this to Hata Yoga practice.


Males and Females above 18yrs of age those who are new to Yoga and who are presentable, medically fit, flexible about the timings and who can speak Hindi or English or Telugu Yoga teachers who wish to upgrade their knowledge and skills by undertaking a further course of study.

Yoga practitioners who wish to become Yoga teachers.

Yoga practitioners who wish to develop their own knowledge and practice of Yoga , and deepen their understanding of themselves and others.

The course has dual emphasis-it will emphasize and promote both the deepening of personal Yoga practice and the development of the skills and experience required to teach Yoga to others.

Trained at Nirvaana Yoga Studio (Affiliated School of Yoga Alliance International (YAI) – Affiliated To VYASA-Benguluru IAYT Accredited School

  1. Sravani kanala
  2. P Balram
  3. Soni P
  4. Sujatha G
  5. Supreethi HG
  6. Neha P
  7. Silpa Kala
  8. Suchita J
  9. Soma Y
  10. Priya S
  11. Sulochna
  12. Indira
  13. Soujanya laxmi
  14. Keertana
  15. Mustafa
  16. Phani kumar
  17. Meghna Dayal
  18. Karuna
  19. Hema
  20. Aparna
  21. Nidhi
  22. Shweta
  23. Dimpy Udhani
  24. Vidhi
  25. Disha
  26. Mounica
  27. Harika
  28. Dr Yamini Rani
  29. Renuka S
  30. Sasikala
  31. Satya

Trained Under the Guidance of Dr Vinay for past 5 years are an asset to NIRVAANA

Their experience and Positive Way of Approach helps the Practitioners to feel at ease while being at NIRVAANA

Their themselves take care of Various assignments at Corporate and Educational Institutions.

Types of Courses


Courses Duration
Crash Course 100 Hours
Fitness Course 200 Hours
Therapy Course 300 Hours
Advance Therapy Course 500 Hours
Facial Yoga Course 12 classes
Massage Therapy Course 12 classes
Corporate Yoga Course 12 classes
Kids Yoga Course 12 classes
Mudra Course 12 classes
Acupressure Course 12 classes

*Fees along with two passport size photographs must be submitted five days prior to the commencement of the course.
* Application form once received may kindly be filled with the guidance of centre head and may be forwarded to the head office.

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