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Prana means life force or energy.
When our body and / or mind is in a negative state – sick, weak, without energy, with tension – this is representative of lack of prana – vitality.
It is possible to raise the level of our prana through the practice of Pranayama.

Pranayama means extension of life and we can translate in a very simplified way as exercises and breathing techniques that facilitate the increase of vitality.

Physiological Life
The optimal functioning of the glands in our body depends on the number of times we breathe per minute. The more times we breathe per minute, the more quickly we exhaust the functioning of the glands. Through the continuous practice of Pranayama we learn and train ourselves to take slower and deeper breaths.

Psychological Life
When we practice Pranayama with dedication our mind reaches a certain level of maturity making us less vulnerable to emotional disturbances.

Basic Pranayama of No Retention
This is the kind of Pranayama with which we begin our practice.

The sessions follow a sequential pattern of techniques whose main focus will be to purify the nervous system in order to develop mental resilience as well as an effective reduction of stress in the practitioner.

Other Benefits of Yoga for Kids:

  1. Improves physical and mental health;
  2. Promotes school success;
  3. Increases the capacity for intellectual assimilation;
  4. Combats anxiety and stress;
  5. Stimulates aesthetic sense and creativity;
  6. It works the motor coordination and the balance;
  7. It provides growth in areas such as self-confidence, self-awareness, and concentration;
  8. It balances the nervous system and the endocrine system;
  9. It develops group spirit and cooperation;
  10. It promotes ecological and humanitarian awareness.
It is intended for children from 3 to 12 years of age and consists of a practical lesson in which you explore yoga, playing and exercising your body and mind. The existing schedules are divided into classes with children from 3 to 5 years of age and from 6 to 12 years of age.

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