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In today’s society, children are subject to excessive stimulation of modern life, too busy schedules, pressure and school competition, factors that contribute to increase anxiety, dispersion, lack of attention and concentration.

Children are born with extraordinary psychic and corporal abilities, have great flexibility, have a great auditory and visual sense, considerable energy and the precious gift of their unlimited imagination. The possibilities become endless but they can be problems when energy is dispersed, which alerts us to the fact that children are not left to chance.

Yoga is a Universal practice that also responds to all dimensions of the child, allowing a more harmonious transition, more pleasant and in the full exercise of Citizenship, where competition is replaced by collaboration, stress for humor and love of power by the Power of Love .

Children do not always have a good relationship with their body, which is in permanent transformation. Yoga helps them understand the body and accept its change, which is fundamental for building a positive self image, thus, a good self-esteem. It teaches techniques that allow the child to be always well, whatever there is abroad. If the child is well he behaves well and learns easily.

Yoga favors self-control, learning to use creative and positive thinking, strengthening bonds with nature and educating for health, helping the child to walk with greater awareness and safety, offering him the possibility to live with the best of herself, teaching her to harmonize her energies and to provide her with a FUTURE RISEN and HAPPY.

Other Benefits of Yoga for Kids:

  1. Improves physical and mental health;
  2. Promotes school success;
  3. Increases the capacity for intellectual assimilation;
  4. Combats anxiety and stress;
  5. Stimulates aesthetic sense and creativity;
  6. It works the motor coordination and the balance;
  7. It provides growth in areas such as self-confidence, self-awareness, and concentration;
  8. It balances the nervous system and the endocrine system;
  9. It develops group spirit and cooperation;
  10. It promotes ecological and humanitarian awareness.
It is intended for children from 3 to 12 years of age and consists of a practical lesson in which you explore yoga, playing and exercising your body and mind. The existing schedules are divided into classes with children from 3 to 5 years of age and from 6 to 12 years of age.

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