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Yoga for Men is for you who want more for yourself, your body and for your life as a whole.

Why Men Can Benefit From Yoga?

Yoga means uniting – “tuning the mind”

Yoga is traditionally designed for men of men in India for about 5000 years ago. Men at this time were designated as special people for the highest insight.

Yoga allows you to come from the head and into the body and speak its own spur from here – where we can use words like “getting present”, “being present,” “calm,” but that’s what you bring with you into the yoga mat that is the right starting point for you.

You will be challenged on your physical body, your breath and your metnal condition – so it sounds like a GO looking forward to seeing you on the yoga way in the hot hall.

We men know it can be a little difficult to meet up to a team often filled with women. But really there is no reason why yoga games often have the most female participants! It is a good workout, both physically and mentally. It is undoubtedly a form of training that many men will benefit greatly from.

We would like to give our male members an opportunity to come and try yoga with our yoga instructor Tim Siggard. Tim will lead you safely and safely through the classic Yoga positions and give you a good sense of what Yoga can do for your agility, strength and endurance. There will also be an opportunity to try some of the more advanced positions at the end of the hour.

Reasons to fall in love with yoga:

  1. Improves physical and mental health;
  2. Promotes school success;
  3. Increases the capacity for intellectual assimilation;
  4. Combats anxiety and stress;
  5. Stimulates aesthetic sense and creativity;
  6. It works the motor coordination and the balance;
  7. It provides growth in areas such as self-confidence, self-awareness, and concentration;
  8. It balances the nervous system and the endocrine system;
  9. It develops group spirit and cooperation;
  10. It promotes ecological and humanitarian awareness.
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