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Besides the fact that yoga relaxes you enormously, you feel, after a few months of training, how the body changes itself: the muscles tonify and stretch, the fat layer on the abdomen to dilute, the body seems “thinner”.

With sustained work, yoga helps you to lose weight and to be happy with how you look! But for that, you have to be conscientious enough to practice constantly – three or four times a week. The wiser is to start with an instructor because it helps you better understand your specific yoga positions. This eliminates mistakes and possible injuries!

After you get acquainted with the exercises, you can do yoga and home alone. Find videos on youtube and practice after them. In order to prevent injuries, it is very important to listen to your own body. If you feel like you can not stand in a certain position, under no circumstances, do not force yourself! Do the exercises gradually until you start to gain more flexibility and elasticity.

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Reasons to fall in love with yoga:

  1. Improves physical and mental health;
  2. Promotes school success;
  3. Increases the capacity for intellectual assimilation;
  4. Combats anxiety and stress;
  5. Stimulates aesthetic sense and creativity;
  6. It works the motor coordination and the balance;
  7. It provides growth in areas such as self-confidence, self-awareness, and concentration;
  8. It balances the nervous system and the endocrine system;
  9. It develops group spirit and cooperation;
  10. It promotes ecological and humanitarian awareness.
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