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What are the psychological problems / mental illnesses?

Psychological problems consists of abnormalities in the mood, thoughts, behavior. The above 3 are the main components of our mental health status. Any issue in one of the components can lead to various types of psychological illness, for example having dull mood persistently may be a symptomof depression. Common disorders are depression, anxiety, stress, addiction, etc. most of them are treatable especially when treated in early stages of illness.

Common symptoms of psychological illnesses are mood changes, memory reduction, unable to cope with daily responsibilities, suicidal ideas, being addicted, increased anger, sleep problems, multiple body pains, eating/appetite problems.

When to seek help/ a doctor?

When the above symptoms are persistently present and do not improve/worsen with time affecting your personal, social, work life approach a psychiatrist or psychologist at the earliest. Postponing to get help makes the problem difficult to treat.

Why approach us for help?

Mental illnesses are a taboo in society or are discarded as rubbish/weakness of mind. There is also the fear of being labelled as “mental patient” if a person visits a psychiatric clinic/doctor. That fear makes the client and family members suffer silently.

Here at Nirvaana yoga, a client can get help without any fear and we provide many treatment options like medication, therapy, counselling, yoga, acupuncture, meditation, etc on one platform.

Treatment available for:

  • – Depression / mood changes
  • – Anxiety disorders
  • – Pregnancy and post natal depression
  • – Hallucinations, delusions
  • – Addictions
  • – memory problems
  • – unexplained Body pains
  • – marital and sexual problems
  • – kids psychological issues/ academic performance problems
  • – old age behavioral issues
  • – Stress management
  • – Anger issues


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